Korsan Bay

Korsan Bay is a small and clean bay containing the ruins of the Ancient City of Melanippe to the west of Gelidonya Lighthouse in the Kumluca district. It is a 2-hour journey from Antalya can reach. In ancient times, it was known as the 'Pirate Bay' because it was captured by the pirate king Zeniketes. Since it is not affected by the storm, without waves and is still, the bay, which has been used a lot in history as a shelter, offers an unlimited sea pleasure where you can swim freely in its still waters like sheets.
The bay should be visited by all travelers on the way to Antalya. It impresses those who see it with its turquoise waters reminiscent of an aquarium. It has a sandy beach approximately 90 meters long and 25 meters wide, between two hills. The forested area between the cliffs surrounding the bay, the clean beach, the sparkling sea and the natural beauties make Korsan Bay indispensable for those who want to have a quiet and peaceful holiday.
It is free to camp by pitching a tent in the bay, and it is quieter on weekdays. There is a shady and flat area to protect yourself from the sun. Those who wish can explore the surrounding beauties by taking nature walks.
The route to Pirate Bay is a bit gruelling. Since the last 1-2 km of the road is dirt, it is tough to enter the bay with vehicles. You may need to leave your car in a suitable place and walk for about 15 minutes. Once you see the magnificent view you will encounter when you enter the bay, you will see that all this effort is worth it.