Gökkaya Bay

Gökkaya Bay is between Demre and Kaş districts. The bay has three entrances. It is between Kisneli Island, the western passage coming from Kaş, and the mainland, the middle path between Kisneli and Aşirlı Island, and the eastern passage coming from the direction of Demre between Aşirlı Island and the mainland.
 Üçağız Beach Village and Kekova Sunken City in the open sea which a short distance from the Lycian ruins of Simena Ancient City. Gökkaya Bay is the largest of the bays in this privileged region. It has wonderful views. In the middle of the bay, there are several rocky islets and historical ruins on the north side of the bay.
Gökkaya Bay, where blue cruise boats and yachts anchor to experience this atmosphere where historical, cultural and natural beauties are intertwined, also stands out with its various activity options and entertainment opportunities. There is a water sports business in the bay. There is also a bar open at night, and you can reach the company's boat.
In Gökkaya Bay, the sea is cooler than in other bays in the region, as there are cold-water springs on the ground. Especially in the scorching Mediterranean heat, swimming in the refreshing waters of Gökkaya gives visitors a completely different pleasure.
Attracting those who see it with its deep blue, sparkling sea, the bay is a great choice to experience the unique riches of the Mediterranean.