Çaltıcak Beaches

They are located within the Liman District of Konyaaltı, approximately at the 19th and 21st kilometers of Antalya Kemer Highway. Çaltıcak Beaches are among the places preferred by the people of Antalya for swimming, picnic and camping purposes due to their convenient transportation opportunities and proximity to the city center.
The first of the Çaltıcak Beaches on the way from Antalya to Kemer is called Küçük Çaltıcak, and the other beach located on the continuation of the road is called Büyük Çaltıcak. There is a distance of about 2 kilometers between the beaches. Büyük Çaltıcak Beach has a coastline of 500 meters, while Küçük Çaltıcak Beach has a beach length of approximately 300 meters.
The beaches' most striking features are frequent visitors, especially on weekends, and places for the residents to escape to nature. They have a unique nature covered with red pine trees. Fine dunes stand out on the beaches where the forest embraces the sea.
You can spend a day alone with nature in a peaceful environment by enjoying the sea and eating and drinking at the beaches. They are paid for entrance and arranged as a recreation area.
At Çaltıcak Beaches, enjoying the natural beauties away from the stress and noise of the city and swimming in the clear blue waters against Sıçan Island, one of the symbols of Antalya, gives visitors a different experience.