Akçagerme Beach

Akçagerme Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kaş. It is on the Kaş - Kalkan road, 4 km from the town center. The beach was established in one of the largest coves in the vicinity. It is one of the closest beaches to the bazaar where you can swim in Kaş, after Küçük Çakıl and Büyük Çakıl Beaches.
Akçagerme Beach is approximately 200 meters long and received the Blue Flag in 2009. It is one of the most preferred beaches by local and foreign tourists and the residents of the district. The beach consists of small pebbles and has a shallow, waveless and clear sea like an aquarium. Even if you go for meters, the water is not very cold. Therefore, the beach is very suitable for families with children and those who are not good at swimming.
The most important feature that distinguishes Akçagerme from the other beaches of Kaş is its water, which has one of the most eye-catching shades of green. The turquoise waters, which seem to have taken on the color of the trees surrounding the beach, impress the visitors at first sight.
Akçagerme Beach offers fascinating views. It has a facility where you can meet your needs during the day. The beach, run by Kas Tourism and Vocational High School students, is the only beach in Antalya run by students. On the beach, every detail is considered for the guests' comfort. There is an aquapark where children can have fun without getting bored in the slides and pools with different features, and basketball, volleyball and tennis courts for sports lovers.