Sinan-i Ümmi Mosque

Sinan-ı Ümmi Mosque is in Toklular District in Antalya's Elmalı district. The mosque's most important feature is the tomb of the valuable Turkish-Islamic poet and mystic Ümmi Sinan, born and raised in Elmalı.
The full name of the mystic, who is thought to have been born between 1563 and 1567, is Yusuf Sinan-ı Ümmi. Ümmi Sinan, as a professor, conveyed her knowledge to the people in the region by giving sermons. He gave moral, mystical and spiritual training to enlightened people about religious knowledge.
Ümmi Sinan has two Turkish works named Kutbü'l-Maani and Divan-ı Theology. Ümmi Sinan raised Niyaz-i Mısri, who was a mystic and poet like himself. He also raised famous students such as Muslihuddin Mustafa Uşşaki, Gülaboğlu Muhammed Asker, Ahmed Matlai and Çavdaroğlu Ahmed along with his sons Sheikh Süleyman and Selami Halil.
The tomb of Sinan-ı Ümmi died in Elmalı, where he was born and raised in 1657. It is in the mausoleum next to the mosque named after him. The old mausoleum was demolished in 1926, and a new one was built in its place in 1959. Inside the tomb, there is a burial group consisting of Ümmi Sinan and his family members and his followers.
The Sinan-i Ümmi Mosque was built in the 17th century. It has survived even though it has lost its historical traces. Today, mosques and tombs are important places to visit that are considered sacred.