Sarıhacılar Village – Historical Caravan Migration Road

Sarıhacılar Village is approximately 150 km away from Antalya. It is in the Akseki district. It is on the Alanya-Konya stage of the historical Silk Road. The village is famous for its Buttoned Houses, which are examples of Ottoman architecture unique to the region.
The region offers visitors the opportunity to travel into the depths of history by following the ancient roads used as caravans and migration routes in the Roman, Ottoman and Seljuk Periods. It is also an important cultural and alternative tourism center.
The Akseki-Sarıhacılar route of the Historical Caravan Migration Road, which is the starting point at the entrance of Akseki, is 3650 meters. The stage of the road between Sarıhacılar – Belenalan Villages is 1 km. The path, where many history and nature lovers and adventure lovers walk, is marked regularly.
Sarıhacılar Village was registered as a 'Cultural Property to be Protected' in 2007 and is a protected area. It has a deep-rooted history of 800 years. Buttoned Houses, lined like pearls on the village's streets, immerse their guests in an atmosphere that smells of history at first sight. Buttoned Houses are wonders of design with their unique architecture display an extremely impressive appearance with their authentic textures.
Famous for its cedar tree forests and 600-year-old mosque, the village also houses one of Turkey's richest ethnographic museums. On Sarıhacılar Village Historical Caravan Migration Road, you can make an extraordinary journey that is intertwined with history and nature and that you will not forget for the rest of your life.