Historical Elmalı Houses

It takes guests on a journey through ancient times with its unspoiled historical texture, old bazaars, narrow streets and arastas. Elmalı district is a settlement established near Elmalı Mountain and draws attention to a deep-rooted historical past. It brings the past and the present together. The district is famous for its climate, natural beauty, centuries-old cedar forests, and characteristic houses that defy the years.
The houses reveal a period's lifestyle and cultural texture by witnessing the past with at least 500 years of history. It increases the tourism potential of Elmalı with each passing day, arouses admiration with their double bay windows, old-style windows and doors and wooden artistry. The houses equip the district with their eye-catching bright colors. It offers a magnificent viewing pleasure to its visitors. While the flower and plant motifs and six-pointed stars in the decorations of the houses reflect the Anatolian culture, the wooden materials used in their construction harmonize with the natural texture of the region.
The most magnificent of the Elmalı Houses are still under restoration. They are on Aylar Street in Tahtamescit District. It is an open-air museum. Houses such as Safranbolu and Kastamonu houses have survived to the present day without losing their originality and witnessing history with their authentic atmospheres. They are among the must-sees during a trip to Elmalı.