Historical Aspendos Bridge

The Historical Aspendos Bridge is on the Köprüçay River to the Aspendos Antique Theatre. Local people also call 'Belkıs', 'Old Bridge' or 'Köprüpazar' because of the market set up around it.
The bridge can be easily seen from the crossroads of Aspendos Ancient City and is closed to vehicle traffic. It connects both sides of the same Köprüçay River, which passes through the borders of Köprülü Canyon National Park.
The bridge's width, which consists of 7 arches of various sizes and is approximately 225 meters long, varies between 3.5 meters and 6.5 meters, and the arch spans vary between 5 meters and 16 meters. There is an inscription 6 meters long on the bridge.
The Historical Aspendos Bridge was first built in the 4th century. In the Roman Period, the name Eurymedon Bridge is rumoured to be passed under by small ships, was destroyed due to earthquakes. Later, it was rebuilt on the ruins of the old bridge during Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad between 1219-1236 to provide transportation from the coast. Stones belonging to the structures of the nearby Aspendos Ancient City were also used to construct the bridge. A part of the bridge, the last repair of which was made in 2004, was supported by steel constructions.
Today, you can watch the rushing river and the lush nature around it by walking over the bridge. It is a must-see for visitors to the region. When you look up from the river, you can watch this magnificent bridge, which has been mentioned frequently in history, from a completely different angle.