Harbor Walls

Alanya is a port city that has grown stronger since ancient times and had its heyday in the Middle Ages. It has been a residential area open to attacks throughout history due to its location. The city walls were built to better the region's defence, making the city more sheltered and inaccessible.
The Port Walls were built during Anatolian Seljuk Ruler Alaeddin Keykubad I, together with the monumental structures of Kızılkule, Shipyard and Tophane, constitute the most magnificent profile of the Alanya Castle Port Region on the seaside. These majestic walls surround the city like an arch when viewed from land or sea. While emphasizing the historical richness, magnificence, and power of Alanya, it offers visitors a unique panoramic view.
Hundreds of ship graffiti from different periods on the walls of Alanya Castle, on the other hand, show how strong the city's bond with the sea was in the past.