Akşebe Sultan Mosque Side Ancient Theater Sarıhacılar Village – Historical Caravan Migration Road Antique Paving Road Alanya Shipyard and Armory Sultan Alaaddin Mosque Gedelme Castle Ali Bridge Evdir Han Ağalar Mosque Roman Bath Çelebi Sultan Mehmed Mosque Alanya Süleymaniye Mosque Harbor Walls Hıdırlık Tower Yivli Minaret Mosque Kaleiçi Kargıhan Alanya Castle Akseki Buttoned Houses Ömer Pasha Mosque King's Tomb Tophane District Sinan-i Ümmi Mosque Alakilise- Angel Gabriel Church Seljuk Hunting Lodge İbradı Buttoned Houses St. Nicholas Church İçkale Church Hadrian's Gate Historical Kırkgöz Han The Sunken City Alara Han and Castle Historical Aspendos Bridge Temples of Apollo - Athena Clock Tower Kızılkule Şarapsa Han Şehzade Korkut Mosque Historical Elmalı Houses

Historical places

Antalya's historical buildings are indispensable parts of the city's daily life. It stands out with its unique cultural treasures. It is possible to live the past and the present together with the historical buildings in almost every corner of Antalya, a modern world city with its living opportunities, wide and well-kept streets, and contemporary urbanism.

Historical buildings that have survived to this day by challenging the years hold a great value in reflecting the traditional architectural understanding, engineering skills, traditions and customs of the period while keeping a mirror to the centuries in which they were built with their characteristic features.

Get ready to feel the splendor of the past amongst the ancient roads, gates, bridges, towers, walls, mausoleums, inns, temples, churches and mosques that reveal Antalya's cultural heritage as well as its numerous natural and geographical beauties!