Rhodiapolis Ancient City

Rhodiapolis Ancient City is on a hill covered with pines near Sarıcasu Village of Kumluca district. It is accepted as a city founded by the Rhodesians due to its name Rhodiapolis. It is also called Eskihisar among the people. The city is a member of the Lycian League, such as the nearby Ancient Cities of Phaselis, Olympos, Gagai, and Korydalla.
The city was founded in the 8th century BC. Austrian archaeologists first discovered it in 1892. The earliest known remains in the city are rock tombs from the Classical Age. The city's most striking feature is the houses of various sizes, which were built from small stones with or without mortar, and are still standing.
According to the information obtained, the most famous person in the Rhodiapolis Ancient City is Opramoas. This very wealthy person was entitled to receive a certificate of honor many times thanks to his services to the state, his work for the city, his generosity and benevolence. Behind the stage building in the southwest of the theater is the mausoleum, the walls of which are filled with inscriptions. All the honors given to Opramoas, his charity work for his city and other cities, letters and documents are listed. The inscription on the monument's walls is the longest in Anatolia.
Since the excavations started in 2006 in the Ancient City of Rhodiapolis, many important artifacts were unearthed. During the archaeological studies, the theater, agora, bath, main street and stoa and the Asklepeion, located in the public area and contains a library and a temple, were unearthed. As a result of the excavations, the main street and the portico in front of the Asklepeion were opened, and the library and temple were partially repaired. The Hellenistic theater of the ancient city, which has been restored with a capacity of 1500 people, met with music for the first time in more than a thousand years, with a concert given in an organization held in cooperation with the state, private sector and civil society on June 22, 2011.