Naula Ancient City

Naula Ancient City is in Mahmutlar. It is approximately 10 km from Alanya district of Antalya. The ancient city is in the flat area to the northeast of Mahmutlar.
There are opinions that the city, for which there are no definite documents about its past, was the nearby Leartes Ancient City port. Architecturally the two cities have similar characteristics.
Naula Ancient City was built on 33 decares. It is 200 meters from the sea. The artifacts dated to the Byzantine Period in the city, which is a protected area surrounded by walls. Many of its buildings are in dilapidated condition. Among the most important ruins of the city reflects the culture of the Eastern Roman Empire. It conveys its architecture and urban planning. Six temples, two churches and an ancient theater stand out. Many places of worship suggest that the city was in a position where clergy were trained or assumed the role of a religious center.
The ancient city of Naula has remained within the settlement area today. The project development process continues for the restoration works of the Alanya Museum Directorate regarding the ancient city, which is covered with endemic plants and surrounded by banana groves.