Lyrboton Kome Archeopark

Lyrboton Kome Ancient City is one of the ancient cities that came to light in the recent past in Antalya. It is within the borders of Kepez district. The city was opened to visitors in 2018, after four years of excavations.
Lyrboton Kome Ancient City is a large olive oil production village connected to the Ancient City of Perge on the road of Via Sebaste (Emperor Road) coming from Döşemealtı and going to Perge, is also called Elai Baris (Oil Farm).
The story of the ancient city begins with a nun named 'Arete'. The nun, who was the owner of the settlement, first built a tower dedicated to Emperor Domitian and Artemis of Perge and established the organization of the olive oil settlement. Later, by establishing an olive foundation, he increased the production even more and made it institutional. The foundation, ownership and control of the production village started with the nun Arete and continued with her daughter Kille and granddaughter Mouas.
The ruins found in the city draws attention with its 2,200-year history. It is mostly belong to the Roman and Byzantine Periods. Lyrboton Kome Ancient City has more than 100 olive oil workshops, was a great ancient olive oil production village in its time. According to the findings obtained from the inscriptions, while Pamphylia was the leading center for olive oil exports, the Ancient City of Lyrboton Kome continued its existence as a settlement where production was carried out in the most comprehensive and professional way.
In addition to the olive oil workshops, Arete Tower, mostly two-storey houses, baths, churches, more than eighty tombs and many cisterns are among the other structures found in the city.