Etenna Ancient City

Etenna Ancient City is approximately 31 km away from Manavgat district of Antalya. It is in the district of Sirtkoy. The city is also called 'Dedekalesi' among the local people.
The Ancient City of Etenna is on the part of the Ancient Road line connecting Side to Central Anatolia. The road starting from Side Antique City; Passing through the ancient city of Lyrbe and Etenna, it follows At Izi Locality, Çaltı, Kesik Beli, Kıztaşı, Bahadır Oluğu, Eynif Plain, Başlar, Ormana, İbradı and Gembos Plain and reaches Konya's Beyşehir district.
Etenna Ancient City has no definite information about its past. It is thought to share the same historical process with other acropolis cities. The features reflected by the city's remains confirm that it is a Pisidian City rather than Pamphylia. As a result of the research, it was revealed that Etenna was the Pisidian City that minted coins after the Ancient City of Selge.
The ruins of the Ancient City of Etenna, built on a hill rising on rocks at an altitude of 900 meters from the sea, are surrounded by pine forests. Among the ruins that have survived today, the most striking is the city walls surrounding the city. When you enter through the main entrance gate in the north, the Ancient Way welcomes visitors. The Ancient Road provides access to the necropolis, where many rock tombs can be seen. Other important finds include the heroon, church, agora, cisterns and bath. To the east of the agora, there is a rectangular basilica from the Byzantine Period at the foot of the walls, which was also used as a courtroom.