Colybrassus Ancient City

The Ancient City of Colybrassus is within the borders of Bayırkozağacı Village of Güzelbağ Town, about 30 km northeast of Alanya. The ancient city, which is on the slope of Susuz Mountain, is also called "Susuz Hagia Sophia" for this reason.
The city is located in a valley and carries the Hellenistic Period, the Roman Period, and the Byzantine Period. Although there is no definite information about its past, written documents have been found showing that life in the city continued until the Middle Ages. The existence of more than one church confirms this. The residential area to the east of the city center extends up to Kandilcik Hill. In this section, an inscription found on the city wall mentions the settlement area of ​​a military unit. The ruins in the center of the city can be reached via stairs carved into the rock. These stairs continue until the entrance gate on the walls. There are two temples about 80 meters from each other. The temple is in the west and has been preserved very well. The exedra, the city walls with towers and the Odeon are among the other ruins that can be seen in the city.
Many sarcophagi and a monumental rock tomb can be seen in the necropolis area to the southwest of the Colybrassus Ancient City. The top of the mausoleum entrance, which is reached by 18 steps. It was carved in the form of a low arch. The two sides of the arch are decorated with eagle motifs, and the inside is decorated with the head of Medusa.
The ancient city of Colybrassus can be visited with pleasure by those who are interested in its ruins. It deserves to be seen, especially through the pathway overlooking the Taurus Mountains and offering exquisite views.