Ancient Cities of Lycian Civilization

Ancient Lycia, which left its mark on a period, is surrounded by the Mediterranean in the south, Caria in the west and Pamphylia in the east. Ancient Lycian Civilization Cities in the Mediterranean Region, on the Teke Peninsula. In the middle of the B.C. 1st century, the 'Lycian League' consisting of 23 cities, was established. The Lycian League, the inspiration for today's democratic government, is the first democratic union in history. The structure of the Lycian Parliament and the number of representatives determined in proportion to the size and population of the cities set a unique precedent in the ancient world.
Among the important cities of the union, Patara is the capital. There are Xanthos, Pinara, Olympos, Myra and Tlos. Phaselis was added to these cities later on.
It is known from the regular research, archaeological excavations, and the findings obtained from these investigations that there are smaller cities belonging to the Lycian League on the Teke Peninsula. Among these cities are Andriake, Limyra, Simena, Sura, Kyaenai, Limyra, Theimmusa, Trebende, Istlada, Aperlae.
Findings that shed light on the history and illuminate a civilization such as the oldest democratic parliament building in the world. The Lycian rock tombs and temple ruins reveal the period's belief system, city ruins reflecting the lifestyle where Patara hosted meetings as the capital are vast for world history.