Liman Restaurant Lounge Club

Liman Restaurant Lounge Club is located in the Ancient Side, just in near of the Apollo Temple, the premises are also surprising due to their design. Respect for the history and legacy of the Mediterranean are the inspiration and antiquity is the common theme marking the interior. In short, surprisingly Mediterranean premises, with an intimate and welcoming manner, and creative cuisine designed to “Liman”.

You will be spoiled by the calm environment and with every breath you take, you will absorb the atmosphere of the surrounding ancient Side and sea 

Liman Restaurant refines Turkish and World Cuisine techniques with prime Mediterranean ingredients and is characterised by creativity, sophistication and bold yet harmonious flavours.

Liman continues to transcend as Side’s premier nightlife destination. Located in the heart of ancient city , the venue features a state-of-the-art, 30,000 watt sound system paired with unparalleled visual & lighting production. Performances from world-class DJs to a rotation of talented regional artists culminate for a truly unforgettable experience.