Alafaşı Arabian Kadayif Bitter Orange Peel and Bergamot Peel Jam Pumpkin Dessert with Tahini Hibeş Grida Head Soup Serpme Börek Sedik Vaccine Shish Meatballs Burnt Ice Cream Hamali Kokoşka Alanya Bundle Grida Steamed Tarator Fish Antalya Bazaar

Local Tastes

Antalya is a Mediterranean city and is almost a vegetable and fruit paradise thanks to its suitable climatic conditions and fertile lands. Antalya Cuisine has a structure shaped by the products grown in the region, which contains many unique local recipes. 

Antalya offers delicious options for gourmets, a rich range of flavors brought to the gastronomy of Antalya by Cretans, Yoruks and Arabs, which still exist today. Fresh vegetables and fruits, local herbs, ovine meat, sesame, poppy, rice and bulgur are among the most used ingredients in this unique culinary culture that blends different cultures and brings them together in a single pot. 

Antalya develops the palate cultures of local and foreign tourists and enables them to discover new tastes with its authentic dishes prepared with different ingredients. The first ones that come to mind are Antalya Piyazı, Shish Meatballs, Pumpkin Dessert with Tahini, Ear Soup, Spread Pastry, Stuffed Laba, Cive, Lentil Ice Cream. You can meet many more tastes that you will not find in any other city and that you will never forget after eating once, such as; Bagaça, Hibeş, Taurus Salad, Gökçesu Rice, Yörük Kebab, Gabuk Guru, Kölle, Göleviz Meal and Burnt Ice Cream. 

When it comes to citrus fruits, we should not forget the famous jams of Antalya, one of the most famous cities. In addition to bergamot, citrus and orange products, watermelon peel jam is unknown in other regions. Jams made from eggplant and figs are among the original flavors that must be tried during a visit to Antalya. 

What you can taste in Antalya is not limited to local delicacies. In the city, a tourist capital, it is possible to find the most distinguished representatives of cultures that have an important place globally, such as French, Far East, and Italian.

 Antalya brings its guests together with very special food culture. You can experience a magnificent gastronomic experience by meeting delicious flavors that add a different color and diversity to your food culture.