In the heart of Konyaaltı, HayatPark is in the Öğretmenevleri district. The park, whose name was determined by the preferences of the people of Antalya as a result of an online survey in 2020, has been attracting significant interest from all Antalya residents, especially Konyaaltı residents, as an escape point in the city, away from the city, since the day it was opened.

Established on a lush green area, catching the eye with its 117 decares of vast and spacious land, HayatPark is appreciated by everyone with its beauty and is frequently preferred by those who want to be alone with nature, especially on weekends.

The park, which was meticulously designed to serve as a recreation area without harming nature and brings a new breath to Antalya, offers a visual feast to visitors with green spaces and landscaping.

In HayatPark, where celebrations, cultural, artistic and sports events are held from time to time, there are areas such as jogging and promenade paths, restaurants, cafes, sports, recreation and children's playgrounds where visitors of all ages can spend quality time without getting bored. In addition to amateur tennis players, professional athletes can also benefit from the tennis courts in the park for training.

Promising guests peaceful and serene hours intertwined with nature, HayatPark, as one of the city's attractions, offers guests the opportunity to get away from the city's chaos and noise and experience joyful moments in a stress-free and calm environment.