Gelidonya Lighthouse

Gelidonya Lighthouse, one of the guide lighthouses of the Mediterranean, is on the historical Lycian Way, on the Taşlık Cape of the Kumluca district of Antalya. The lighthouse's construction, which is 3 km inside, started in 1934. The lighthouse was put into service in 1936.
Gelidonya Lighthouse, which takes the name from Caledonia, which means swallow in the Lycian language, is the highest lighthouse on the Turkish coast, 227 meters. Watching the vast blue waters of the Mediterranean from a green hill, the lighthouse, the lighthouse and the guard building have been taken under protection as a national heritage by the General Directorate of Coastal Safety and Ship Salvage Operations. The lighthouse did not have electricity since it was built on steep rocks. In the first years, kerosene was used, then LPG cylinders, and in 2017, a system that provides electricity with solar energy was installed.
Resembling a fairy tale hero with harmony with nature, Gelidonya Lighthouse has one of the most striking views on the route of the Lycian Way, one of the world's historical walking routes. In front of the headland, where the lighthouse is where the pine and sage scented forests of the Mediterranean and the azure waters meet in harmony, there are five islands lined up vertically, on which there is no settlement. The islands have an important place in the history of Lycia. Cape Gelidonya is the most dangerous place in the Gulf of Antalya due to countercurrents. In ancient times, many ships were dragged to the rocks and sank. That's why the area turned into an underwater cemetery covered with shipwrecks over time.
The breathtaking view of the lighthouse was chosen as the most beautiful view of Turkey in 2007. This magnificent visuality allows photography enthusiasts to capture unique shots, especially at sunrise and sunset.
Gelidonya Lighthouse, which is not fully accessible by car, can be reached at 2 points. The first is the Adrasan Gelidonya Lighthouse route on the Lycian Way walking trail. Walking the entire 12 km long road on tracks with medium difficulty levels is necessary. The second route is the approximately 8 km long Karaöz Mahallesi Mahallesi Gelidonya Lighthouse route. It is possible to travel part of this route by car, and the last one-hour part on foot.