Dokumapark Forest Library

The Forest Library is in Dokumapark, described as the culture and art island of Kepez district. The library is built on an area of 1500 square meters. Its visitors appreciate its unique and original concept, including colourful wooden houses and a hobbit house.
Dokumapark Forest Library is awaiting bookworms and nature lovers with its spacious open-air reading areas, open-air libraries made of natural trees, and a fairy-tale atmosphere with stylish lighting that blends literature and nature in the same pot, giving book lovers a completely different reading experience.
Dokumapark Forest Library has seven fairy tale houses and a hobbit house. Readers can stay alone with their books in the middle of silence and calmness, feeling one with nature and listening only to the sounds of birds and wildlife.
Despite being in one of the busiest districts of the city, Dokumapark Forest Library has attracted significant interest since the first day of its opening with its lush nature and unique atmosphere that makes its visitors feel like they are away from the city. It awaits guests for pleasant, peaceful and unforgettable hours to spend with books in the lap of nature.