Çıralı - Yanartaş

It is approximately 35 km from the Kemer district of Antalya. On the top of Çıralı, at a distance of 230 meters, Yanartaş is known as the 'Unquenchable Fire of Olympos'. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the region to breathe the mysterious air of Yanartaş, which has a natural fire source.
The unquenchable fire of Yanartaş, which comes out of the holes on the rocks on the hill and is constantly burning methane gas flames, is based on Homer's texts. According to the legend, fire comes out of the mouth of the three-headed beast named Chimera, a mixture of lion, goat and snake. The young Bellophontes, commissioned by the Lycian King of the period to kill the monster, succeeds in this together with his winged horse Pegasus. When Chimera took off to attack, Bellophontes stabbed the beast with his spear and buried it seven floors under the ground. Chimera continues to shoot fire from here even today.
Those who want to climb Yanartaş, one of the must-see places in Kemer, which fascinates visitors with natural and historical beauties, await those who want to climb the narrow paths, which will take about half an hour as well as be challenging and enjoyable. When you reach the top, the fascinating view that will make you forget all the tiredness gives visitors a completely different experience. Those who want to capture the most beautiful photo frames prefer the sunset in this lovely atmosphere. Those who try to extinguish Yanartaş, a miracle of nature, are disappointed. Because even if water and soil are thrown on it, the stones start to burn again after a specific time.
Among the other fascinating ancient ruins of Yanartaş is the Byzantine Orthodox Basilica Complex, where the priests' houses of the period and churches are located. The large, monolithic festivity area in the south gives the impression that there was once a temple of the fire god in the area.
Impressing visitors with a peaceful atmosphere, Çıralı – Yanartaş also attracts the attention of those who want to be intertwined with nature with daily camping and bungalow-style pensions. Another important guest of Çıralı beach is the Caretta Carettas, which come to the region every year to nest.
To reach Yanartaş, you first need to go to Çıralı. After a 1.5-hour journey from Antalya by car, you arrive at the Çıralı entrance. The road continues to the left from the bridge at the door and takes you to Yanartaş 3.5 km after passing the area where bungalows, pensions, and orange groves are located.