Canyon (Dive Spot)

Adorning the dreams of diving enthusiasts, Canyon in the Kaş district attracts divers who want to have a unique underwater experience in a mysterious, chilling and intriguing atmosphere.
In the form of two steep walls, the canyon crossing the narrow strait between the two islands and falling to a height of approximately 20 meters gives the feeling of flying while diving. The walls are fragile and delicate formations covered with algae and coral-type sea creatures.
This unique diving activity can be dangerous due to the strong currents coming from the south. For this reason, it is recommended that professional divers experience diving.
Ahead of the canyon, between 27 and 42 meters, is the Dimitri (Cotton) Shipwreck, the cargo ship that hit the islands in 1968 and scattered cotton bales. It is also possible to see the work made in memory of Gökhan Türe, who is well known by the residents of Kaş and the diving community, at 30 meters.
During this dive full of surprises, you can witness countless beauties under the sea; sea turtles, squids, sea rabbits, groupers, barracudas and flocks of leer.