Arapastı Chestnut Tree

Numerous chestnut trees, which find a habitat by adapting to the geographical features of the İbradı district, continue their existence as symbols of the district for thousands of years.
The centuries-old chestnut trees in and around the İbradı Cemetery, which should be included in the travel plans of those who visit the district, give the cemetery a forest appearance.
The most popular among these trees is the 'Arapastı Tree' adjacent to the cemetery, estimated to be over a thousand years old and known for its sad story. According to the legend, the fire that an enslaved person named Zeynep set on fire in 1861 in İbradı, set fire to his master's mansion could not be brought under control, and more than a hundred houses were burned in the district. The qadi of the period also decides that Zeynep, who is of Arab origin, should be executed. Young Zeynep's body is exhibited on the tree for three days as an example to the local people. After that day, the people started to call this tree 'Arapasti' which means ''Hanged Arab''.
With a wide trunk that twelve people can wrap, the Arabian Tree, which still bears fruit today, continues to arouse the admiration of those who see it with all splendor.