Alanya Marina

Alanya Marina, which is one of the must-see places for those visiting Alanya, one of the most popular touristic districts of Antalya, is right between Kızılkule and Alanya Municipality building in the district center. The port, which is always lively and dynamic due to its location intertwined with the city, is an ideal shelter for tour boats. The marina increases importance with proximity to entertainment clubs, part of Alanya's colourful nightlife.

The most striking feature of Alanya Marina is the themed boats. These boats, mostly Viking and Pirate themes, turn the harbor cruise into a visual feast that leaves a mark in memory with their eye-catching decorations from the smallest to the largest.

You can enjoy a walk along the Alanya Marina accompanied by the beautiful scenery, explore the places close to the town with tour boats, and have fun to the fullest by participating in the night discos organized on the VIP club boats.