Alanya Cable Car

Alanya Cable Car, which is an opportunity to watch the entire historical texture of Alanya with a magnificent view, departs from Damlataş Station and carries passengers to the Ehmedek Gate of Alanya Castle.
The ropeway, which travels on the 900-meter line with 14 standard cabins for eight people, is an ecologically sensitive transportation service with technology that adapts to nature.
Providing a travel experience where nature and history are intertwined, Alanya Cable Car leaves guests alone with a fascinating view. Thanks to the deep blue waters during the trip, it is possible to watch the city center panoramically, along with the world-famous Damlataş and Cleopatra Beaches.
When you reach the top of the hill by cable car, which makes visiting Alanya Castle even more enjoyable and unforgettable, the city center, beaches and harbor, the admirable visuality and unique historical riches of Alanya are revealed.