Special Yoruk Museum

Special Yoruk Museum is established on 4.000m2 in Evrenseki District of Manavgat district. Nearly 1000 ethnographic artifacts are exhibited in the museum, allowing visitors to witness the Yörük culture.
Special Yörük Museum, which can be visited at any time of the year and contributes to Manavgat in alternative tourism, draws great attention from local and foreign tourists with its authentic atmosphere. The museum, which aims to introduce the rich cultural life of the nomads to the whole world, has two indoor exhibition galleries, an open-air exhibition area, three nomadic tents, one artifact warehouse, one conference hall and one workshop.
In the Special Yörük Museum, sculptures are recreated to reflect better the nomadic life, traditions and customs, all the details of the social life of the nomads, their life cultures such as weaving and handicrafts, animal husbandry, agriculture, cuisine and oil wrestling are introduced in detail.