Side Underwater Museum

Side Underwater Museum is in the Side town of Manavgat district of Antalya. Side Underwater Museum, designed by the Antalya Branch of the Chamber of Shipping, is Turkey's first underwater museum, 1.5 miles off the coast and at an average depth of 12-20 meters.

The museum ranks second in its school globally, following the Mexican Underwater Museum in Mexico, which ranks first with 400 sculptures.

The collection of Side Underwater Museum, which consists of 117 pieces made by Turkish sculptors, divided into five different themes, can be seen closely by diving into the sea. Visitors to the museum are required to have a professional diving certificate.

The sculptures in the museum are made of materials compatible with underwater. They act as a natural reef by integrating with their environment without harming sea creatures.

During their visit to the museum, where they will have a completely different experience, visitors can see the representations of the Çanakkale and the War of Independence, the three and a half meters long statue of the sea god Poseidon, weighing 50 tons, the Temple of Apollo, the camel caravans that set off from Side for commercial purposes in the past, He can see Mevlana and his whirling dervishes. Again, seeing the flower garden designed for children who lost their lives at sea while fleeing their country during the Syrian war will be an unforgettable memory.

Side Underwater Museum, which makes diving enthusiasts from all over the world prefer our country, which makes Antalya's name more popular in tourism, has hosted more than 50.000 visitors since 2015.