Manavgat City Museum

Manavgat City Museum, under the Manavgat Riverside, Rauf Denktaş Bridge and started to serve in 2018 covers an area of ​​1200 m2. The museum, which aims to preserve Manavgat's past values ​​and city memory and transfer historical and cultural riches to future generations, attracts much attention from local and foreign tourists visiting the region.

In the Manavgat City Museum, where more than 3,000 works describe Cretan Culture, Yörük Culture and Manavgat indigenous folk culture have been collected and placed due to extensive and meticulous studies of 50 stagings inside and outside. One library, two cinevision sections, one Yörük tent section, one craft section, one agriculture section, one agricultural production section, one tradition, weaving and music section, one food culture section, one Manavgat The city museum, which consists of the natural riches section of the city and a museum cafe, consists of 14 rooms in total.

In the two-floor museum, many details illuminate the history and life of Manavgat, such as traditional items describing the Yoruk lifestyle, examples of natural energy, alternative tourism routes, ruins, and visuals of the district.

Manavgat City Museum, which was awarded in the "City Museums" category in the "Museum Encouragement Competition" organized by the Historical Cities Association in 2021, is among the most valuable cultural heritages of the district. Thanks to the bridge it has built between the past and the future.