Lycian Civilizations Museum

The Lycian Civilizations Museum, opened in 2016, is in the Andriake Ruins, the Ancient City of Myra port city, in the Çayağazi Region of Demre district Antalya. There are regular excursion routes in the museum that will enable visitors to visit the archaeological site with pleasure from the point where they are greeted. The last point of the tour is the magnificent Granarium (granary) built in the 2nd century AD.
It is possible to obtain detailed information about the social, cultural, religious and economic life of the Lycian Civilization period, thanks to the artifacts exhibited in the museum, which should be visited by anyone interested in the Lycian Civilization, which takes guests on a magical journey in history and left a mark on a period.
In the eight halls of the museum, 1476 artifacts were discovered during the excavations of ancient cities of the Lycian League, such as Xahthos, Tilos, Olympos, Patara, Myra, Arykanda, Pınara, Antiphellos, introducing the religious, social and economic life of the union are exhibited. The museum halls are supported with interactive presentations, information boards and animations to better promote the works. In the museum, precious pieces such as the customs inscription illuminating a period and the Votive Stele with 12 Gods attract attention. The port structures in the front of the building and the example of a Roman period merchant ship are among the must-see works.
To reach the museum, one passes through the Andriake Ruins. You can visit the agora, bath, cistern, church, and historical harbour roads among the centuries-old olive trees in ruins. While visiting the Lycian Civilizations Museum, exploring the Andriake (Demre) Bird Sanctuary, located between the museum and Çayağzı Harbor Road, where 149 different bird species can be seen, is another alternative that will add color to your trip.