Ben Aksekiyim Art Museum

The starting point of Ben Aksekiyim Art Museum is the photo book "I Am Akseki", which was prepared to introduce the Akseki region to the world. The 596-page book, contributed by expert academics, opinion leaders and 43 scientists, includes photographs and documents of Akseki's nature, plateau and mountains. The exhibition, shot by the world-renowned photographer Atilla Durak, was transformed into a permanent museum, a visual and written memory museum of Akseki, after meeting with visitors in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.

While visiting the museum, you can see natural life, wildlife, culture, history, archaeological remains, traditional houses, warm guests, local cuisine, hiking trails, lands suitable for nature sports, caves, endemic plants, canyons and ski areas of Akseki that preserve its virginity. It is possible to go deep into the historical and cultural riches of the district by seeing the most beautiful photographs that describe it.