Antalya Vehicle Museum

Antalya Vehicle Museum is in Dokumapark, the culture and art island of Kepez district. The museum was converted from the cotton warehouse of the old Weaving Factory. It has been hosting its visitors since 19 May 2022, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, with the mission of bringing new and permanent works to Antalya on national holidays.
At the Antalya Vehicle Museum, 2,800 square meters in size, 70 vehicles, the newest 25 and the oldest 65 years old, are on display. The museum sheds light on Turkey's industrialization adventure. It hosts automobiles, engines and planes that have left their mark on Turkish History in cinema, aviation and politics.
The museum has a different approach from the classical automobile museums, where the history of the vehicles is told. It aims to make a social history reading over the cars and to shed light on the past and memories of the city.
Among the distinguished collection of the museum, one hundred percent domestic production Devrim car, Beyoğlu tram, K6 plane built by Vecihi Hürkuş in 1925, exact replicas of NUD 38, Turkey's first passenger plane, and the famous red minibus from the movie Çiçek Abbas, are the most striking. It is one of the exciting tools.
Antalya Vehicle Museum carries nostalgic breezes and takes its visitors on a pleasant journey to certain periods of their lives. It attracts great attention from vehicle enthusiasts of all ages, especially history and nostalgia enthusiasts, with its unique concept and emotional atmosphere that gives its guests longing moments.