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Antalya, the apple of the eye of the Mediterranean coast, draws attention to the deep-rooted past, which has hosted many civilizations from ancient times to the present and natural and geographical beauties. Many ancient ruins shed light on the history and reveal traces of the past in the city, under the rule of Lydians, Persians, Pergamon, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans.

Some of the remains unearthed are exhibited in museums in different parts of the city center and districts. In addition to the archaeological museums that reveal the magnificence of ancient times and witness the fascinating journey of human history extending to the present, in Antalya, there are a phography museum, toy museum, nostalgic vehicle museum, sand sculpture museum, marine biology museum, Yoruk museum, underwater museum, city museum. There are also thematic museums, where many different works, such as The city is a museum paradise for history and culture buffs.