Hip-Notics Cable Park

Located on the border of Manavgat, Hip-Notics Cable Park is 12 km from the Serik district. It is 40 km from Antalya Airport. Turkey's first Cable-Ski Park consists of three 90-decare ponds on 200-decare land.

The three ponds, approximately 170 cm deep, in the Hip-Notics Cable Park are constantly fed by the waters originating from the Taurus Mountains and pouring into the Mediterranean. In this way, the water circulates naturally. In each pond, there is water skiing with the help of cables pulled over the water. The wires in each pond have different speed levels and contain various obstacles. In L1 Pond with six poles, mostly water skiing is done. The main pond, L2, has a 540-meter track and five poles. L3 Pond consists of 2 easy start systems for those who want to wakeskate and boarders.

Wake-Board is held every month of the year in the park, where adrenaline enthusiasts flock to. Accommodation is available in the complex where activities such as WakeSkate, MonoSki, Knee-Board, Disk-Ski, Jump-Ski, trampoline, ping-pong, basketball and beach volleyball are available. You can enjoy the park's atmosphere for more extended periods by staying in luxury rooms next to the lake or bungalows about 1 km away.

A wonderful day full of fun and energy awaits you at HipNotics Cable Park, where you will rediscover yourself by pushing your limits. In your spare time from water skiing and other activities, you can take a breather in the resting areas in the middle of the lake and watch the performances of other athletes while sipping your drink with pleasure.