DoluSu Park

DoluSu Park is open in Kemer's Kiriş Town,promoting the fullest of excitement and fun. The park, which welcomes visitorswith a unique view of Beydağları and offers them full-fledged entertainment, isat the seaside.

 Welcoming guests with the miniature street ofTurkish architecture and folk hero Nasreddin Hodja, DoluSu Park offers 32different activities full of action and adventure. There are 17 adult and ninechildren's slides in the facility. All-day long joy and enthusiasm await theirguests on the slides designed with inspiration from Turkish fairy tale heroes.Tale Street, which tells the story of Keloğlan and his friends' adventure ofsaving the princess from Tepegöz, also attracts children's attention. 

In the park, which raises the standards of entertainmentby making many innovations, you can compete with your opponents in the 'Lane',where you can progress at an incredible speed, where three slides are side byside, or you can slide into the pool with an 80-meter longhorn. With the'Cave', you can travel towards the mysterious depth of 101 meters. In Turkey'sfirst and only Mermaid Aquarium, you can meet mermaids, one of the mostmysterious heroes of mythology, and watch their exciting and intriguing show.You can see the 'Giant Funnel' moving from the summit of the Kaf Mountain inthe fairy tales and experience breathless moments with the 'Kay Tip Slide'. 

DoluSu Park, which offers guests a completelydifferent adventure experience with a crazy atmosphere, provides variousalternatives to spending an entire day. You can spice up your day with the foamparties you will make as a family. If you want to swim in the deep blue watersof Kiriş, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun at DoluSu Beach, the park'sprivate beach.