Antalya Zoo

Antalya Zoo, allocated on an area of 400 acres by the Metropolitan Municipality, is located within the Kepezaltı Picnic Area in the Döşemealtı district. The zoo, which started its activities in 1989, continues activities to protect natural life, instill a love of animals into society, and protect endangered animals.

Although Antalya Zoo is not the largest zoo in the country due to the size of the area it covers, it is one of the most successful zoos in Turkey in terms of the favorable nature of the land and the natural and healthy living standards provided for animals.

In Antalya Zoo, which increases the scale in terms of species and diversity by adding new members every year, camel, gazelle, deer, zebra, lion, wild sheep, roe deer, dwarf goat, pony horse, wolf, pig, tiger, puma, brown bear, kangaroo, there are a total of 100 animal shelters for crocodiles, snakes, birds of prey and many more. In the garden, rich in vegetation, the animals feel as if they are in their natural environment, roaming freely under the trees and greenery.

While the water sources, ponds and waterfalls, which are compatible with the natural structure of the park, offer a visual beauty to its guests, the places where picnics are allowed, and the playgrounds where children have unlimited fun make spending time in the zoo a delightful experience.

The garden has become one of the symbols of Antalya, with an increasing number of visitors every year. At the same time, it offers guests the opportunity to experience the love of nature and animals to the fullest, which especially faces children's intense interest and is activated by school trips from time to time.