Different Colors of Art and Culture Culture and Art in Antalya

How would you like to get to know Antalya Culture and Arts, which has been serving Antalya since 2015 and has become one of the city’s landmarks in a short time?

Antalya Culture and Arts were established by the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) to create a new attraction center for Antalya and bring together the local and foreign guests to the city with different colours of art and culture. It is a national and international host exhibition and provides arts education for adults and children and organizes a wide range of culture and arts events ranging from philosophy to literature, cinema, conferences and panels on the agenda.

ATSO’s Gift to the City

Located in the very heart of the city, with easy access to all Antalya residents with its central location, Antalya Culture and Art, architectural project Dr. It serves in a 5-storey contemporary building prepared by Mimar Sinan Genim. The building, which includes three large exhibition halls, an auditorium, education halls of different sizes, as well as a small cafe on the ground floor and a shop selling original souvenirs and books about Antalya, has been opened to the people of Antalya and visitors to the city since the day it was opened, symbolizing the harmony of differences.

Antalya’s First Virtual Exhibition Meets Art Lovers

Antalya Culture and Arts, which was temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 measures taken during the pandemic period, hosts the ‘April’ – Current Portrait of Ancient Antalya exhibition. The exhibition, which looks at Antalya through the lens of city planner, academician and artist Murat Germen, who continues his works with the focus of the city and the environment, and tries to understand the city we live in today, aims to draw the attention of the audience to our betrayals that we have transferred from the ancient times to the future. The exhibition, accessible on the Antalya Culture and Art website (, can be accessed from the link