Aspendos Antique Theater

The giant theater was founded by the Akas in the 10th century BC and carried to Serik. It is in the ancient city of Aspendos, which is about 9 km from the son of the famous Roman architect Theodoros, who was an architect. On the slope of a small hill, the ancient theater is famous throughout the Mediterranean world as one of the most well-preserved structures with its stage.

It was built by Zenon between 138-164, being one of the most outstanding works reflecting the architectural style of the Roman Period. One of the most distinctive features of the theater is its extraordinary acoustics. It is a masterpiece with its design and artistry. According to the legend often told about the magnificent acoustics of the theater, the King of Aspendos has a very beautiful daughter named Belkıs, who is famous for her beauty and whom everyone wants to marry. The king does not know to whom to marry his daughter, who has suitors from worldwide. He finds the solution to organize a competition when he can't get out of the business. Whoever produces the most beautiful and most useful work for the city due to the competition will be entitled to marry Belkıs. At the end of the race, in which architects, poets, philosophers and artists entered into a tough struggle, two works win. One of them is the aqueducts are great engineering work, and the other in the theater. The king intends to choose the architect who built the aqueducts that give abundance and fertility to the city. When he comes to visit the theater, he hears whispers in his ears "The King must give his daughter to me" while walking around the top steps. When he searches his surroundings, he can't see anyone, but when he looks at the scene far from where he is, he sees the architect walking around talking to himself. The king was fascinated by the loud voices he heard as if he were right next to him, and he married his daughter to the theater's architect. The marble portrait of Belkıs torn in two on a stone found in the theater symbolizes another story. Accordingly, the king, who was undecided about choosing the aqueducts and the theater, divided his daughter in half and gave it to both architects.

It is dedicated to the gods and emperors of the time. The theater welcomes guests in a unique atmosphere where you will feel the Roman Era's golden ages, wealth, and splendor. It has a capacity of approximately 12,000 people. Today, many concerts, festivals and theater events are held at the Aspendos Antique Theatre, especially the International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, where art lovers flock from all over the world.