Concert by the famous DJ Burak Yeter at Antalya Airport

Within the scope of the project, “Stay with music in nature, dream Antalya”, the world-famous DJ Burak Yeter gave a concert for Antalya residents who stayed in their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak. In collaboration with ATAV, Yeter played different mixes in Tünektepe and Tahtalı Mountain at the concert he gave for 1 hour without an audience. The world-famous DJ, who shared the concert clip with his followers on his social media account, was highly appreciated.

Burak Yeter finally took the stage in front of the passenger plane parked on the apron for shots at Fraport TAV Antalya Airport. Yeter, who gave a concert with smoke and light shows, played fun songs. Yeter, the scene of the concert in front of the plane from his social media account, “What a hit! Link and Radio Show Podcast are on the way! Many thanks to everyone who realized my dreams.” Thousands of people viewed Yeter’s concert in a short time by his followers.