Awards Show from AŞT

ntalya Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (AŞT) won 5 different awards in 3 categories in the 2nd International Labor and Success Awards organized by Yeni Tiyatro Magazine.

Turkey’s only performing arts magazine with its traditional New Theater Magazine’s 2nd International Labor and Achievement Awards found their owners. Dr. AŞT achieved critical success in the organization of the academic staff member Erbil Göktaş and the jury coordinator Yetkin Yüksel.

AŞT’s play “Obsessions” was awarded in the Best Production-Comedy Branch. In the Best Actress-Drama category, AŞT players Beyza Ergezer Şahin, Cansu Sabetrasekh and Simge Defne won awards. In Best Soundtrack, Tolga Çebi was awarded for his work in AŞT’s play “Velvet Flowers”. Continuing on its way by adding young and dynamic new players to its staff, AŞT made Antalya proud by winning five different awards in 3 categories.