The Tourism in Antalya is Ready for 2021 with 2020 Experiences

Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (AKTOB) President Erkan Yağcı stated that they are ready for 2021 with their experiences in 2020.

Yağcı stated that the travel industry is experiencing the biggest crisis in history due to Covid-19.

Compared to Turkey’s country, Yağcı indicating less damage to turn this crisis, “Previously lived next to the acquired knowledge and experience of the crisis became more important during such periods, public-driven cooperation played an important role. This experience and knowledge have also guided us for 2021.”

Stating that harmonious and consistent travel protocols are essential to regain confidence in travel and re-mobilize tourism, Yağcı noted that they had made tourism a part of all plans in recent months with public and private sector stakeholders.

“Antalya Led the Way.”

Noting that Antalya shows the world that safe travel is possible.
Yağcı said, “As always, Antalya pioneered the resumption of tourism in the world in this difficult period. It hosted more guests than its competitors.” used the expressions.