The deep blue waters reflect the natural beauties of the Mediterranean, the cliffs that draw attention with their interesting geological formations, spacious and wide parks, colorful and vivid streets, museums, historical artifacts and Kaleiçi, the city's apple of the eye, are waiting for you in Muratpaşa.

Muratpaşa is one of the central districts of Antalya. It is surrounded by Konyaaltı in the west, Aksu in the east, Kepez in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. 

Muratpaşa is the second most populous district of Antalya. It was established in 1993 as a subordinate of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and became a district municipality in 2008. Muratpaşa covers an area of ​​8,804 hectares where there are no settlements such as towns, villages, obas, and hamlets.

The history of Muratpaşa is the oldest settlement in the Antalya metropolitan area. It follows a parallel course with the city history of Antalya. The walls surrounding the city center from land and sea, and works such as Hadrian's Gate and Hıdırlık Tower are among the most important structures revealing this deep-rooted past. The district takes its name from the Muratpaşa Mosque, which Karaman Bey Murat Pasha built in 1570, and is in the Kızılsaray District.

 The economy of Muratpaşa is one of the most vibrant districts of Antalya. It is based on agriculture and tourism. On the agricultural lands covering an area of ​​approximately 6354 decares, greenhouse and open field vegetable cultivation, fruit production and ornamental plants are grown.

 Muratpaşa has a 20-kilometer coastline. It has important tourism potential. Famous for its fine sandy beach and shallow and clean sea, the Lara region has luxurious and comfortable accommodation options.

City center is in Muratpaşa. It is a region that offers the opportunity to live together with history and nature. The district has many historical artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Periods. It is home to museums, theaters, exhibition halls and fair centers that make up the cultural life of the city, as well as its natural beauties. International festivals held in the district during certain periods of the year host thousands of local and foreign guests.

Great Leader Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's famous saying "Antalya is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the world" was also said within the borders of the Muratpaşa district. During his visit to Antalya on March 6, 1930, Atatürk took a break at the place formerly called Rumkuş on the Old Lara Road and watched the blue sea and the majestic Bey Mountains for a long time. He expressed his appreciation for the city with these words. When he learned that his place was Rumkuş, he changed his name to Erenkuş.

In Muratpaşa, where you can see Antalya's modern face and contemporary urbanism with all its qualities, many touristic routes await its visitors. You will find the energy to live in the district while walking around its lively streets. Kaleiçi district is the first urban settlement of Antalya. Kaleiçi is considered its heart, as well as the Yacht Harbor, Karaalioğlu Park, Antalya Museum, Lower Düden Waterfall, Cliffs and Lara Beach are just some of the places to be seen.


Do not leave Muratpaşa!

without getting lost in its authentic atmosphere surrounded by walls in Kaleiçi. It is an open-air museum reflecting the history of Antalya. It is a culture, art and entertainment center with its colorful bay windows, chirpy streets, museums, boutique hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, souvenir and carpet shops, 

Before visiting the Antalya Museum, it was awarded the 'Museum of the Year' by the Council of Europe in 1988. It is home to many distinguished works from the Lower Paleolithic Age to the Roman Period,

Without watching the miradors in Karaalioğlu Park. It is one of the first places that come to mind in the city center. The Beydağları surrounding the city in all its glory and the magnificent view of Antalya Bay,

Without watching the roaring flow of the Lower Düden in the Lara region. The only waterfall in Turkey, whose waters reach the Mediterranean from 40-meter cliffs,

To explore Antalya's natural beauties. Go to exciting cliff formations more closely, breathe the fresh sea air, join the fun boat tours from Kaleiçi Marina.