Local delicacies, traditional festivals, historical artifacts and highlands with plenty of oxygen are waiting for you in Korkuteli.

It is northwest of Antalya, approximately 64 km from the city centre. Korkuteli is surrounded by Fethiye in the west, Burdur in the north, Elmalı and Kumluca in the south, Döşemealtı and Kepez in the east, Konyaaltı in the southeast.

The district's history, whose old name is Isinda in the sources, dates back to the Pisidian period. After the Psidians, it was under the domination of the Romans and Byzantines. Then, it was conquered by the Seljuks in the 1200s and Turkmen communities settled in the region from the 13th century. In the early days of Tekeoğulları and the Ottomans, the name Isinda was changed to Istanos, and then it was pronounced as Istaz. In 1915, the district was named Korkuteli to keep the memory of Şehzade Korkut, the son of Bayezid II, who was educated in the town for a while and later died.

Korkuteli has an altitude of approximately 1020 meters above sea level. It is the escape area for the people of Antalya from the sweltering heat. Therefore, the population increases in the summer months.

Korkuteli spans an area of ​​2471 km2. The slopes of Beydağları facing the Mediterranean are covered with pine forests and maquis communities. At the same time, flat areas are agricultural areas. The district's economy is based on agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry. Korkuteli stands out with its vegetables and fruits grown in its highlands. It is especially famous for its cultivated mushroom production. Approximately 70% of the cultivated mushrooms produced in Turkey belong to the district. The district is also famous for its burnt ice cream. It is one of the best-known flavors of Antalya Cuisine.

The district hosts many festivals and hundreds of visitors every year. Since the events such as the Golden Cherry Oil Pehlivan Wrestling and Şehzade Korkut Festivals, the Traditional Beydağları İmecik Highland Festivals, and the Korkuteli Culture and Art Festival.

Korkuteli is also called the land of highlands. It draws attention with its natural, cultural and historical beauties. In the district where many civilizations can be seen, the Monk House from the Roman Period, the Sultan Alaaddin Mosque and the hammam ruins from the Seljuk Period, the Stone Madrasa from the Hamitoğulları are among the works worth seeing. The highland is famous for its geographical richness and cool weather. It draws the attention of nature lovers and tourists who visit the district as much as the locals of Antalya.

Korkuteli is easily accessible thanks to its proximity to the city center of Antalya. It always offers visitors pleasant hours with its richness, providing an alternative option to sea tourism.


Do not leave Korkuteli!

Without taking nature walks in Güllük Mountain National Park. It has an appearance of a paradise on earth with its lush nature and is home to endemic plants, endangered fallow deer and wildlife,

Before going to İmecik Highland which fascinates its visitors with its cool air, simple and striking nature that contains many beauties,

Seeing the famous Sultan Alaaddin Mosque with its unique crown gate and mihrab, which defies the years and is considered one of the symbols of the district today,

Without taking a pleasant break from the day, with a total area of ​​457,000 m2, Korkuteli Observation Terrace. It has many options such as promenade and camping areas, horse farm, archery field, adventure track, Gokart, ATV track, walking paths, restaurant and cafe, 

Before you taste the "Burnt Ice Cream". It is beyond the borders of Korkuteli and leaves an unforgettable mark on the palate with its unique taste.