Historical and natural beauties, exciting museums, amusement parks, cultural and artistic works await you in Kepez. 

Until the early 1970s, the northern border of Antalya city center was limited to the place called 'White Building' belonging to the Highways. It is the place where Güllük and Şarampol Avenues join and lead to Çallı. The buses and minibuses providing transportation within the city used to come up to this border and return. After this part, the region was covered with rocks, bushes, and maquis communities. In the mid-1970s, with the city's development and its growth by immigration, the region was opened to development and the lands here began to be purchased. The first district of Çallı was established. Then, the heath and stony region developed over time and took its current form, and Kepez Municipality was established in 1994.

Today, Kepez is one of the five central districts of Antalya. It is the most crowded district in Antalya. The district has 68 neighbourhoods. It is surrounded by Muratpaşa in the south, Aksu in the east, Döşemealtı in the north and northwest, and Konyaaltı in the southwest.

The land structure of the district becomes flattered towards the south, covering an area of ​​397,869 decares, of which 22% is agricultural lands. The vegetation in the region was once covered with red pine forests. It turned into maquis plant communities such as laurel, olive, oleander, myrtle, and carob due to the destruction of these forests. The Duacı, Kirişçiler, Kızıllı, Odabaşı and Çamlıca neighborhoods of the district are in forest areas.

Kepez hosts Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Bus Terminal. It has Green Antalya Industrial Site, Cotton Weaving, Ferrochrome, Cement Factories and Kepez Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Turkey's second-largest Atatürk mask is in Kepezüstü, one of the district's most important symbols. It greets passengers traveling from Antalya to Döşemealtı, Korkuteli, Burdur in all its glory.

Kepez has been showing great development in recent years. It has become one of the most popular districts of Antalya in the field of culture, art, sports and tourism. Many races that attract sports and speed enthusiasts are held at Kepez Drag Track.  The district hosts natural and cultural beauties. Yukarı Düden Waterfall is flooded by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Antalya Zoo, Kepez City Forest, Single Cistern City Park, DokumaPark has become an island of culture and art. They are among the most visited points of Kepez.


Do not leave Kepez!

Before Wandering through the ruins of Lyrboton Kome Ancient City. It was a large ancient olive oil production village in its time. It stands out with its 2,200-year history,

Before visiting Dokumapark, the culture and art island where museums such as Anatolian Toy Museum, Once Upon a Time Antalya Museum, Weaving Open Air Museum, Modern Arts Gallery are located,

Before exploring the Upper Düden Waterfall resembles a lush oasis in the city with its promenade and picnic areas,

Without participating in high adrenaline and exciting activities in Kepez Adventure Forest, which is in Kepez City Forest,

Without visiting the chandelier-free Çelebi Sultan Mehmed Mosque, which is the only mosque in Antalya and the 2nd mosque in Turkey, where the most beautiful workmanship and decorations of Turkish-Islamic Art can be seen.