World-famous beaches, unique turquoise coves, ancient ruins, lively and colorful streets await you in Kaş.
Kaş is approximately 189 km away from the city center of Antalya. It is surrounded by Demre and Finike in the east, Fethiye in the west, Elmalı in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. There is a distance of 1.8 km between it and the Greek island of Meis.
The district's history, whose oldest known name is Habessos, dates back to 2000 BC. The district was known as Antiphellos in ancient times. It was an important trade port located on the connecting roads between Caria and Lycia. The city increased its importance during the Roman Period and became a bishopric center during the Byzantine Period. It was named Andifli when it came under the sovereignty of the Anatolian Seljuk State and joined the Ottoman Empire in the time of Yıldırım Bayezid.
Since Kaş is a tourism center, its population increases intensely during the summer months. Many Europeans are living in the district.
Kaş is where the Mediterranean climate prevails. Even in summer, it has cooler and more spacious air than many other districts. The county's mountains have rich ecological diversity. They are covered with maquis plant communities and red pine, juniper, oak and cedar. The Lycian Orchid is an endemic plant species. It is also found only in Kaş in the world.
The most important source of income in the district is tourism. In addition, fruit, vegetable and flower cultivation is carried out in the fertile plateaus and plains. The Gömbe Highland is especially at the forefront of apple production. Fishing is also among the important business lines.
Kaş offers visitors a wide range of tourism options. Its shores are full of unique underwater riches. They are a favorite of diving enthusiasts worldwide. Its clear and cool waters and immaculate beaches provide unlimited sea pleasure. The uniquely beautiful bays around it are among the most popular stops of the blue cruise boats. The district has a suitable environment for nature sports such as trekking, rafting, mountaineering and paragliding through caves, canyons and highlands.
Kaş houses many artifacts from the ancient period, which has an atmosphere that smells of history. It is possible to see the traces of ancient times, especially the ruins from the Lycian period. It is almost everywhere while walking around the district. The district center is always lively. It offers visitors views that resemble a postcard with its cobbled streets decorated with bougainvillea, colorful bay windows that bring the traditional texture to the present day, and cute souvenir shops.
Kas welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year with its atmosphere that smells of history and culture, natural riches, deep blue waters, eye-catching beaches and endless energy throughout the year.
Do not leave Kaş!
Before exploring the remnants of Antiphellos Ancient City. Kaş is intertwined with history. It can be seen around the district and along the peninsula extending in the east-west direction,
Before swimming in the icy waters of Kaputaş Beach. It impresses those who see it at first sight because of the crystal clear, light green to dark blue turquoise waters. It is among the few beaches of Antalya and Turkey with its beauty,
Without watching the sunset and taking a horseback tour on the beach, between the dunes of Patara Beach. It will leave you alone with extraordinary views with its 18 km coastline and 1500 meters width, 
Without making picnics and nature walks in Gombe Highland. It is an escape stop for many people with its unique natural beauties, clean air, fascinating landscapes, and peaceful atmosphere, 
Without spending an exciting day alone with nature in Saklıkent National Park. It is home to the Saklıkent Canyon. It is a unique natural wonder with a length of 18 km and a height of 200 meters. You can reach with a journey of about an hour from the district center,
Before wandering around Uzun Çarşı. It is in the very center of the district, where the modern and traditional blend harmoniously, displaying an eye-catching appearance with its always lively atmosphere and lovely houses covered with flowers bearing traces of local architecture. You can wander through the souvenir shops lined up on both sides of the street and buy 'Kaş Souvenir'.