In Gündoğmuş, historical ruins, lush vegetation, natural wonders, highlands famous for their rich flora are waiting for you.

Gündoğmuş district is on the foothills of Geyik Mountain. It is 145 km from the city center of Antalya. It is adjacent to Manavgat in the west, Akseki in the northwest, Alanya in the south and Konya in the northeast.

 The district has a history dating back to Antiquity. It was inhabited during the Roman Period. After the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, the Turkmens settled heavily in the region that came under the domination of the Seljuks. They descended to the coasts as their population increased and formed the present Manavgat villages. The region was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the Bayezid II Period. It was a village affiliated to Akseki under the name Eksere. It became the status of a district in 1936 under the name of Gündoğmuş.

Gündoğmuş is spread over an area of ​​1323 km2. Mediterranean climate and continental climate characteristics are seen in the district. It is 900 meters above sea level. The mountainous parts of the region are narrow agricultural lands due to their rugged terrain. They are covered with forests and rich vegetation. Livestock and especially beekeeping are among the most important livelihoods. 

Gündoğmuş is known for its taste, color and quality of Gigi Honey. It provides a high level of honey yield in the district with its clean air with plenty of oxygen, lakes, rich flower and plant diversity.

Gündoğmuş has come to the forefront with its alternative tourism options, especially in recent years, thanks to its natural beauties and historical riches. In many villages of Gündoğmuş, some ruins and ruins reveal traces of the past. In addition to these, highlands such as Çaşir, Aliahmetler, Elibeyler and Kadılar attract the attention of nature lovers, camping enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts with their unique nature and rich ecosystems. 


Do not leave Gündoğmuş!

Without peaceful hours in the lap of nature in Eğrigöl, where different beauties are witnessed every season, especially in spring. It takes on a completely different atmosphere thanks to the lush green meadows and colorful flowers,

Before seeing the Uçansu Waterfall, known as the 'Hidden Paradise in the Forest', which pours out from the middle of a rock, from a height of about 50 meters and offers an impressive visuality from several branches, 

Before seeing Ali Bridge is the crossing point of Konya - Akseki and Alanya Seljuk Caravan Road. It offers rich activity options to visitors thanks to the natural beauties around it, and exploring the region closely,

In Pınarbaşı Recreation Area is about 8 km away from the district center. It is covered with a centuries-old plane, pine and fir trees. It is famous for ice-cold spring water, without a pleasant break from the day, 

Before seeing the Cem Sultan Mosque. It is the only work from the Ottoman Empire period in the district and was built by the sultan in his name.