Coves where blue and green embrace, boat tours, unique underwater beauties, eye-catching historical artifacts and colorful activities await you in Demre.

Demre is west of Antalya Bay and 150 km from the city center. It is surrounded by Kaş in the west, Finike in the east and north, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

The city was called Myra in ancient times and is thought to have been founded in the 5th century BC. It is one of the most important cities of the Lycian League. Myra became a metropolis in the 2nd century. It became a religious and political capital during the Byzantine Period and maintained its reputation throughout the Middle Ages as it was the place where St. Nicholas was the bishop. The Seljuks dominated the city in the 12th century. It came under the rule of the Ottomans in 1390. The settlement area became a village with the name Eynihal in 1904. It became a district in 1987 with the name Kale. Since 2005, it has been called Demre.

The Demre Plain has a surface area of ​​472 km2, and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It is covered with alluvium and consists of fertile lands. In the district, whose economy is based on agriculture, greenhouse activities are carried out intensively, and early vegetables and citrus fruits are also an important source of income. In addition, the district is quite famous for its Demre Sivri pepper.

Demre is one of the important tourist destinations of Antalya with its geographical location and historical and natural beauties. It also draws the attention of the Christian world due to its religious location. Santa Claus events are held every year on 6 December in the district. It is on the Christian pilgrimage route.

With its atmosphere where you can enjoy the delighting beauties of the Mediterranean, its mild climate, its clear sea reminiscent of an aquarium, its coves that do not lose their virginity because most of them can only be reached by boat, and ancient cities where you can trace the traces of prehistoric times, this extremely charming and sympathetic district is a center of attraction for tourists. 


Do not leave Demre!

Before going on a blue cruise in Kekova Region, which is famous for its extraordinary beauties both underwater and above water, which contains ruins from the Lycian, Roman and Byzantine Periods,

Before discovering the rock tombs, which are a unique example of craftsmanship, and the magnificent ruins of the ancient city of Myra, which was the capital of the Lycian Civilization with its historical past dating back to the 5th century BC,

St. Nicholas, known as the 'Saint of Miracles' and loved by the poor for helping the poor and giving gifts, St. Nicholas Church,

The Lycian Civilizations Museum is in the Andriake Ruins. It is the port city of the Myra Ancient City. It exhibits numerous artifacts discovered during the excavations of ancient cities such as Xahthos, Tilos, Olympos, Patara, Myra, Arykanda, Pınara, Antiphellos, one of the important cities of the Lycian League, are exhibited. 

Andriake (Demre) Bird Sanctuary is between the Lycian Civilizations Museum and Çayağzı Harbor Road. It is home to hundreds of bird species. You can spend hours alone with nature by observing unique creatures.