In Aksu, local delicacies, luxury hotels, fine sandy beaches, ancient cities, and historical and natural beauties await you.

Aksu is one of the five central districts of Antalya. It is approximately 18 km east of Antalya city center, between the Düden and Aksu Streams. Covering an area of ​​445 square kilometers, Aksu is bordered by Kepez in the west, Muratpaşa in the southwest, Döşemealtı in the northwest, Serik in the east and Burdur in the north.

The historical past of the district, which lived through the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods, dates back to 1200 BC. Having gained the status of a district in 2009, Aksu has been rapidly receiving immigration and growing in recent years.

The district, where the Mediterranean climate prevails, is predominantly covered by forest and maquis plant communities. Trees such as poplar, juniper and black pine are frequently encountered in the district, which hosts rich water resources such as Aksu Stream and Kurşunlu Waterfall.

The economy of Aksu is one of the most colorful districts of Antalya with its historical and natural beauties, diverse socio-cultural structure, and is based on agriculture and tourism. Citrus and early-season vegetables and industrial plants are produced intensively in the district. There are approximately 32.000 decares of fruit orchards and 35.000 decares of greenhouse areas within the region's boundaries. Again, on an area of ​​approximately 100,000 decares, open field vegetables are grown in the district, and ornamental plants are grown in an area of ​​700 decares.

Many restaurants in Aksu are famous for their local flavors that will appeal to the taste buds, where you can taste the most delicious versions of Antalya Piyazı and its indispensable accompaniment, grilled meatballs.

Aksu comes to the fore every year thanks to its investments contributing to Antalya's tourism potential. The starred hotels and resorts in the Kundu Tourism Zone are the district's window to the world. Aksu hosted the EXPO 2016 ANTALYA, the first EXPO held in Turkey. Thanks to the organization in which more than 50 countries participated, the name Aksu became known worldwide, and Antalya and Turkey gained great prestige with the numerous events held during the fair. Perge Ancient City and Kurşunlu Waterfall, located within the district's boundaries, host thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

When you visit Aksu, you can relieve all the year's tiredness, experience local flavors, explore archaeological ruins or spend unforgettable hours alone with nature while enjoying the sea and sun with comfortable accommodation options.


Do not leave Aksu!

Before embarking on a historical journey among the ruins of the Ancient City of Perge, which was one of the richest and most regularly settled cities in Anatolia during the Roman Period, when it lived its golden age, and which welcomes thousands of visitors every year with its atmosphere that reveals the splendor of ancient times,

Without seeing the Ağalar Mosque, which was built with block stones, some of which had ancient inscriptions, brought from the Ancient City of Perge during the Ottoman Empire, and considered one of the few mosques in Turkey with its craftsmanship,

Before discovering the lush, unique nature and fascinating beauties of Kurşunlu Waterfall, which is almost a shelter in nature thanks to its rich flora,

Without having a pleasant stroll in the EXPO Antalya Exhibition Area, which serves an area of ​​1121 hectares, and is famous for its architectural wonder, magnificent tower, enormous pool, lush gardens and spacious areas,

Before tasting Antalya Piyazı, whose reputation exceeds Antalya, was registered in 2017 and took its place among the geographically marked products.