Antalya Colored With ‘Love’ Event

The Republic Love Square events organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in Cumhuriyet Square on February 14, Valentine’s Day started. People from 7 to 70 came together at the event, where colourful images were experienced. In the event, where sharing and cooperation themes come to the fore, the message “Love increases as it is shared” is given.

The Republic Love Square activities, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality on February 11-12, to make February 14 Valentine’s Day more meaningful. While the themes of sharing and solidarity come to the fore in the events held with the participation of various institutions and
organizations in Cumhuriyet Square, the message “Love increases as it is shared” is given.

Concerts Animations Colorful Events
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs organized a meaningful event and organized the Love Square event. The first day of the event in Cumhuriyet Square started with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Band and Orchestra’s concert. Citizens also accompanied the band, which performed beautiful pieces.

Saplings Distributed
Antalya’s people visited the stands set up by institutions and organizations and enjoyed moments from concerts to animations. Animators and leggy clowns dressed in cartoon heroes costumes also gave the children fun-filled moments. The dessert prepared by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Soup Kitchen was served to the citizens in the square. Within the activities’ scope, citizens donated blood to the Red Crescent; Antalya Regional Directorate of
Forestry distributed saplings to citizens and informed them about forest fires.

There is Love in Republic Square
To the Love Square event; Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ASAT General Directorate, Agricultural Services Department, Social Services Department, Regional Directorate of Forestry, Provincial Directorate of Family Labor and Social Services, AFAD as well as public benefit, NGOs such as Green Crescent, Red Crescent, LÖSEV and AKUT and Antalyaspor participates in.

Within the scope of the events, mini-concerts and performances will meet with the people of Antalya for two days as part of the “Music in the Heart of the City” event, which was initiated by the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Muhittin Böcek, to support local artists during the pandemic period.

Covid Precautions are Taken
At the entrances to the event area, which was organized by pandemic measures, the citizens’ fever was measured with thermal cameras, while strict disinfection teams disinfected the square.