Challenging Training for Flame Hunter Angels

Six female firefighters who have recently joined Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Directorate have started their duty. Despite those who say “a man’s profession”, six firewomen receive tough orientation training. Some of the female firefighters who fulfill their childhood dreams and some of them follow their father’s path, who was the fire brigade martyr, only aim to save lives and prove that women can do any profession.

One hundred firefighters who graduated from the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, Firefighting Department and Civil Defense Vocational Schools, serving day and night in the center of Antalya and the districts, started their duty. Six female firefighters who successfully pass the tough exams and interviews are also receiving orientation training with their male colleagues. The number of female firefighters in the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department rose to 21 with recruits.

Difficult Education Process

Female firefighters started their shifts in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Hürriyet Fire Station; He prepares for his duties by receiving training on general firefighting activities such as technical fire brigade training of equipment, fire and rescue training, hose collection, first aid, use of vehicles and equipment. The female firefighters, who impress with their success during their training, prove that women can do any profession.